It’s #derby o’clock on the rocket clock.

One of those rainy day client event shoots - R180P was a champ all day on the bike following a ride. #Roobaix #wayback (at Merri Creek)

Not putting your camera bag down in sand to change a lens - winning. (at Point Lonsdale Beach)

This happened : Available on our website for pre-order. Pack your quad like a pro. (Or like an amateur, that’s cool too) #dji #phantom

IPhone + Back of camera = Ugh BUT if you’re inside, in Australia, go outside (between clouds!) #eclipse (at Richmond, Melbourne, Victoria)

Do you use one of our smaller bags? Which one and for what?

Water? Check. #H2o #MindShiftGear

Hope everyone’s having a lovely weekend! 😁

It’s been #GoPro fun day here at #ttpSocialHQ —- Literally timelapse paint drying #IKidYouNot neat little @GoPole helped a load!

What’s on your desk? Tag it #desktopttp messiest gets a cable organizer bag or two! 24hrs. Go.