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How cool is this!


Most Popular Photo Last Year by wil6ka

Call the lifeguards! We got a serious situation here! http://bit.ly/1e8eNNv

Getting our #Squinch on! @TheVonWong workshop Melbourne yeah!! @Peter_Hurley (at Melbourne SuperStudio)

Via Twitter, @momiheyer asks;

thinkTANKphoto how much bulkier is the 40 & 50 compared to the 30?

Well, I’ve loaned my 50 to a reviewer I’m sorry, but you can see here that the 30 on the left is a little wider and slightly shorter than the 40, the 50 is as high as the 40 and as wide as the 30 if that makes sense? Also a tiny bit deeper. 

Hope that helps! 

AppHouse, a wearable home for your iPad / Tablet. Pics on Facebook.com/thinkTankPhoto

What’s in my personal bag (Airport Essentials) right now? 

For Heather who should be sleeping!! Heather, you can see that my MK3 comes to the top of the Essentials, the only way you’d get one in with a grip on is ‘lens off, lay it down’ which isn’t super practical — looks like it’s either the Commuter or the Streetwalker Pro for you. 



"We’re gonna need a bigger bag!" 


All packed for tour. I’ll be doing video and photos… tried to pack light but it’s difficult I guess.


Canon 5dkmii

Canon 7d

Canon AE-1


Canon 35mm 1.4L

Tokina 11-16 2.8

Canon 24mm 2.8

Sigma 50mm 1.4

Canon 85mm 1.8

Canon 50mm 1.8 (AE-1)

Canon 28mm 2.8 (AE-1)


Canon 430exii

Z96 light panel


Zoom h4n w/ windscreen

Rode SmartLav


3x Sandisk 16gb cards

2x Sandisk 8gb cards

16gb and 8gb SD cards

Lacie 1TB HD


Kingston USB3 card reader


Glidecam HD2000

GGS Perfect loupe

Fotodiox 24” slider

Super tiny/flimsy Ravelli tripod

Manfrotto 577 quick release

Manfrotto 496RC2 quick release


6x Portra 400 film

2x Manfrotto 035L super clamps

5x LP-E6 batteries

72mm Hoya ND8 filter

Flash drive

15in retina Macbook Pro


Bag (not pictured)

Think Tank Airport Accelerator 

Checking out the new #MindShiftGear Panorama 180 — Sub $200 Rotation #daypack Camerbag #ModelKev (at Bendigo St Milk Bar)


Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - ‘Live from KCRW’ album sleeve. My photo. Design by Tom Hingston Studio.

Oh, yeah… let’s play ‘spot the bag’ great photograph from Andrew Whitton — check out his work. 

Shooting some #SubUrban for blog post coming tonight… (at Hoyts Cinemas)